This is HAVEN IAQ.

After many years in development and testing, we're incredibly proud to bring you the only central air monitoring system that gets your home’s air quality under control for you.


The smarter way to set up your air quality management.

Image of the HAVEN Central Air Monitor

Central Air Monitor
For homes with a central forced air system

In-duct solution for whole-home IAQ monitoring

24/7 analysis of air in an entire home

Intelligent air quality alerts & insights

Provides the proof points to build trust between homeowners & HVAC pros

Filter lifetime notifications

Tips for improving air quality

Professional installation & IAQ management

Image of the HAVEN Central Air Controller

Central Air Controller
For homes with a central forced air system

Custom ventilation scheduling

Connect up to 2 pieces of HVAC equipment

Provides smart controls for connected equipment

Triggers equipment when air quality event is detected

Ensures consistent airflow sampling for Central Air Monitor

Professional installation

Our homes should be safe havens, optimized for safety, health, wellness and productivity.



What does the Central Air Monitor (CAM) monitor?

It monitors air pollution and comfort levels, including particulates, chemicals, relative humidity and temperature to understand what activities need more ventilation and filtration.

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How does the CAM work?

The CAM is the first in-duct indoor air quality monitor that uses the home's "arteries", aka ductwork, to capture an understanding of how the entire home is doing.

We've spent years crafting our particulate sensing capabilities and calibration process that allow the CAM to rival top of the line, research-grade equipment.

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How are HVAC professionals involved?

Every home has a different HVAC configuration, location and occupant activities. HVAC pros are given the challenging task of diagnosing the air quality issues their customers are experiencing.

The CAM gets professionally installed into the duct next to the air handler. Post install, the IAQ data will be shared with the certified HAVEN Pro HVAC technician who can then use it to help the homeowner find the most appropriate solutions to improve their air quality and keep their HVAC system running efficiently.

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