Hi TZOA customers,

TZOA is better faster stronger, which is a good thing since pollution is still an enormous endemic. Unicef just reported that 300 million children breathe toxic air:

“Among the most dangerous pollutants are air particles known as PM2.5, which are a small fraction of the width of a human hair. They can be released from fossil fuel combustion and industry, and include natural sources like dust. The ultrafine particles enter the bloodstream through the lungs, worsening cardiac disease and increasing the risk of stroke and heart failure, in addition to causing severe respiratory problems, like asthma and pneumonia.”

You’ll recall that TZOA builds the worlds smallest particulate matter (PM2.5) sensor with high accuracy. So, in the face of so much demand, what have we been up to?

Greenbuild International Conference and Expo

Some of you saw TZOA in Los Angeles earlier this month. You might be familiar with the LEED (energy efficiency) certification by the US Green Building Council (USGBC), who also put on the Greenbuild conference. TZOA was deemed a “revolutionary technology” by the USGBC, where they are quickly transitioning towards encompassing human health.

Fortune Brainstorm Heath Conference

TZOA CEO Kevin Hart will be at in San Diego November 1st and 2nd for the magazine’s exclusive event, featuring guests that include Arianna Huffington of the Huffington Post and now Thrive Global, and the CEO of Fitbit, James Park.

Secured additional resources

Since our Indiegogo campaign, we’ve been fortunate enough to have hired additional TZOA teammates, with a focus on engineering and manufacturing. We’ve raised outside capital to not only keep the gears turning, but also make sure they are well-oiled.

Introducing the TZOA pollution map

How many outdoor air quality sensors are in the U.S.? Not enough. TZOA has been granted access to a live stream of governmental pollution sensory data, which we have visualized on a map via our website. Just select PM2.5 from the drop down menu and press play. As you can see, there are gaping omission in where monitors are located, and not enough resolution where the data does exist. We plan to change that.

New product coming soon

The TZOA team has been bifurcated into two highly-capable groups. One team is working on the wearable pollution monitor (ETA 2017); while the other team is working on the RD03 and a new hardware/software product being announced this January. I promise it will be something you’ve never seen before, and every bit as innovative as the wearable.

High-volume production

This is a big one. We’ve been busy setting up our manufacturing and supply chain. In 2017 we will create one hundred thousands air quality monitors, making TZOA the largest (in volume) particulate matter sensor manufacturer in the world.

On behalf of the entire team, thank you for your enduring patience. We’ve read your emails and I can assure you that we understand the burden we are carrying. What we are doing is challenging and there is no good alternative; that’s what keeps us up at night and going every morning.

Best, Team TZOA.

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