Hi TZOA backers, supporters, and clean air advocates,

It’s been some time since our last public update. We are excited to announce that after much effort, time, and difficulty, we have successfully completed a new version of the wearable. This device represents the culmination of three years of intense R&D and is the only product in its class. This beautiful device is now designed for injection molding, and we are capable of producing hundreds of thousands per year (but yes, let’s start with the first few thousand). The completely custom optical component assembly proved the most challenging to scale; in the RD02 research unit we were hand-assembling and adjusting every single unit for ~30 minutes each until they were close enough to perfect. We now have a process that achieves the high precision we expect from the wearable every single time.

The new version of the wearable device was completely rebuilt from scratch with a much larger team of engineers, including world experts in physics, electrical engineering, aerosol science, manufacturing and mechanical engineering. The product is now designed with a straight through air channel, making it far less prone to contamination. across our pollution sensors. This means that the functional need for the triangle copper gem is redundant. It was originally designed to protect the fan, which drew in air at a 90 degree angle. This breakthrough creates an issue with keeping the same aesthetics.

Our next small (fun) challenge is to build the iconic triangle back onto the front face of the wearable without increasing the thickness and compromising the user experience. You should be able to see a photo of the new functional device in the photo above, but here it is again:

You will notice a USB port on the far right side of the photo, and above that on the front face you will see a quartz glass window. This is for our UV/visible light sensor, the TZOA wearable will provide feedback on the quality of indoor light, the potential harm of too little or too much UV(a+b).

We are please to announce that this will be the smallest multi-sensor air quality sensor product in existence with a laser-based particle counter (and we check a lot)! That means you will have accurate, reliable information on the amount of particulate matter (PM2.5/10) in the air around you at all times. In addition, the TZOA wearable detects volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which are present in almost every home (think flooring, paint, chemicals, bedding).

Lastly, all of this data doesn’t mean a thing unless we are providing you with valuable insight or actionable steps. We have been building a team of data scientists and experts in machine learning to answer the question of “now what.” So, what is next? We are aiming to have the physical wearable product complete and on the assembly line so you can have it in hand (or on backpack) by the last quarter (Q4) of 2017.

P.S. – For all those who have emailed us to ask, yes the RD03 product is coming! It has developed into a very unique indoor/home monitor that will be launched in May 2017. Please reach out to us if you want to beta test our home device. Stay tuned!

Best, Team TZOA

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