Gain more customers, effortlessly,
through the HAVEN Healthy Home Service.

TZOA is seeking service company partners for an exciting new opportunity.




The HAVEN Healthy Home Service is designed for single-detached homes, and targets people sensitive to air quality issues (families with asthma, infants, or the elderly).


This service is tailored towards homeowners with little understanding about HVAC or how it can improve their air quality.

The HAVEN service transforms existing furnaces into smart whole-home purifiers.


How does HAVEN work?


In-duct intelligence

The HAVEN Air Monitor is installed in the return duct to monitor the pollutant levels in the home.



The HAVEN Air Controller connects to the R & G terminals of the furnace to toggle the fan on a schedule, moving air through the house even when not heating or cooling.


Filter Analytics

The HAVEN Home App uses data from our Monitor to identify when the filter needs to be replaced.


Why you care

  • New customer acquisition (products are pre-sold on
  • Loyalty: your company contact info is the only one listed in the customer's HAVEN Home App
  • Right of first refusal on future HVAC install or service work
  • Referral revenue for HAVEN installs can be generated from your existing customer base
  • Installations can be completed by apprentices / junior staff

Why your customers care

  • Worry-free indoor air quality service
  • Professional installation & assessment & quick access to a trusted HVAC professional
  • Reduced symptoms caused by airborne pollutants
  • Indoor & outdoor air quality notifications (including wildfire alerts)
  • Convenient filter delivery (includes as many as needed)

What TZOA provides

  • HAVEN hardware (Air Controller, Air Monitor & filters)
  • HAVEN Installer mobile app for connecting the device to WiFi
  • Technical training materials
  • Technical Support Portal & phone number
  • Direct payment for completing the installation

Your role

  • Coordinate the installation time with the customer
  • Install the HAVEN monitor, air controller & first filter
  • Be available for future service or installation work
  • Promote HAVEN to your existing customer base

Ready to begin your journey with HAVEN?