A new generation of smart HVAC products designed for professionals.

The HAVEN product line includes in-duct monitoring and controls solutions at the intersection of IAQ and HVAC.


Custom air quality diagnosis capabilities through ventilation & filtration monitoring, and controls for any indoor space.


HVAC systems should be designed, operated and maintained with air quality in mind, especially when balancing health and energy efficiency.

The HAVEN product line combines in-duct sensors, controls and software solutions to add a layer of intelligence onto HVAC systems.

HAVEN ventilation and filtration data and maintenance alerts allow for more tailored offerings in your service contracts.

Realtime data exports empower you to diagnose air quality issues with confidence.


Benefits of becoming a HAVEN Pro

Get insights into HVAC performance with in-duct monitoring

Use data as proof points for your air quality and equipment diagnoses

 Add valuable intelligence to your service contracts to know when maintenance visits are actually required

Want to know more about how to expand your business with HAVEN?

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