The TZOA Story



It all started with a mission to improve planetary
health and deliver clean air to all.

Big and hairy, eh?

Our initial approach was to develop a low-cost, portable air quality monitor that could detect small harmful particles in the air and distribute it through retail channels to citizen scientists and change makers to influence public policy.

After several iterations, we realized that it wouldn’t be enough to tell people that there was something wrong with the outdoor air quality on their way to work.

We should be offering a complete solution.

We discovered that we could make the largest health impact by helping people control their indoor environments, where we spend on average 90% of our time.

Since then, our mission has become the providers of complete solutions for indoor air quality, whatever form that may take

Enter Haven! Haven has evolved from an indoor air quality monitor into an ecosystem that not only tracks the air, but provides actionable insights and uses your HVAC system to improve the home’s air quality. It’s pretty dang cool.

Our team of scientists, engineers and designers is growing beyond the current 13 crazy minds, and has support from a hefty roster of experts and mentors within arms reach. As we’re hustling in and out of our Gastown offices in Vancouver, BC, we’re gearing up our production for forest fire season.

Our immediate goal is to protect thousands of human’s lungs from breathing in the forest fire smoke that will leak into their homes.

Audacious? Maybe, but that’s just how we roll.

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