Finally, HVAC settings to support your health.

The HAVEN Central Air Controller works with your HVAC system to ensure your indoor environment is getting enough fresh air.


HAVEN Central Air Controller

It talks to your HVAC fan to activate the air filter, reducing particles circulating in your living space.

It also ensures you get the building gets the right amount of air changes per hour to keep your air from getting stagnant.


Without the right circulation cadence, chemicals and particles from everyday activities (as well as external factors like pollution from busy roadways) can build up quickly.

Here’s a quick taste of the HAVEN Central Air Controller

Patented in-duct monitor provides 24/7/365 air quality insights for your entire indoor space

Alerts when your air is experiencing increases in particles or chemicals

Recommendations for improving air quality

Want to know more about the HAVEN Central Air Controller?

We’ll keep you posted on the our progress & when to expect product testing opportunities and of course, availability for purchase from your local HVAC contractor.

Expand your HAVEN indoor air quality ecosystem


Central Air Monitor


Filter Club

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