SEE what's in your air.

The HAVEN Central Air Monitor offers professional grade air quality monitoring for indoor spaces.

HAVEN Central Air Monitor

The HAVEN Central Air Monitor gets installed in your duct, right next to your air handler or furnace.

This is how it’s able to track the health of your air in the entire indoor space.


Chances are you have items in your living space like carpets and furniture that produce airborne pollutants.


HAVEN Central Air Monitor not only gives you eyes into what you are breathing inside, but gives you actionable ways to improve it.


How does the Central Air Monitor give you the air quality insights you need?

Patented in-duct monitor provides 24/7/365 air quality insights for your entire indoor space

Alerts when your air is experiencing increases in particles or chemicals

Recommendations for improving air quality

Air filter lifetime monitoring & replacement notifications

Monthly air reports give you big picture trend insights

HAVEN Air app allows you to check in 24/7/365 (iOS and Android)

Professional installation and air quality management by HVAC contractors

Support, when and how you need it

Easy integration with HAVEN Central Air Controller and HAVEN Filter Club

Families are already enjoying a healthier home.

The app has a great interface

It is sleek and simple to use and easy to understand. I love that it shows you the frequency of the monitoring, i.e. the last reading — that's important for me because I know the monitor is functioning and that I am getting real-time data.

Dave, Vancouver, BC

Overall, the experience was great.

The installer was very knowledgeable about the product and also HVAC in general. He was able to address all my questions and even pointed out some serious issues with our furnace. He was also able to point out some other issues with our venting and filter sizes which I believe will help our family breath better.

David, Vancouver, BC

I love the data

I love that you can click on the dashboard's main user-points to get more granular analytics and simple explanations of what the data could mean and how to address any problems.

Morgan, Vancouver, BC

Getting started with HAVEN Central Air Monitor

The HAVEN Central Air Monitor is a professionally installed product. As this, you’ll need an HVAC contractor to come install it for you. Contact your contractor or let us help you find one in your area.

Expand your HAVEN indoor air quality ecosystem


Central Air Controller


Filter Club

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