Take a magnifying glass to your indoor air.

The HAVEN Room Air Monitor tracks down airbourne pollutants on a room-by-room basis — exactly how it sounds.


HAVEN Room Air Monitor

The HAVEN Room Air Monitor is great for testing the air quality in different areas of a home to hone in on where exactly irritants may be originating from.


Designed to beautifully fit into your space, wherever you want to know more about your indoor air quality. Your kitchen, bedroom, workshop, office…

Know where your air is at — at a glance.


Here’s a little preview of the HAVEN Room Air Monitor

Colour changes & app alerts when air is experiencing increase in particles and chemicals

Recommendations for improving air quality

Monthly air reports give you big picture trend insights

Perfectly portable for spot testing different locations within a home

HAVEN Air app allows you to check in 24/7/365 (iOS and Android)

Easy integration with HAVEN Central Air Controller and HAVEN Filter Club

Want to know more about the HAVEN Room Air Monitor?

We’ll keep you posted on the our progress & when to expect product testing opportunities and of course, when it’s available for purchase.

Expand your HAVEN indoor air quality ecosystem


Central Air Monitor


Central Air Controller

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