We believe your home's air can be baby-proofed.

That's why we created HAVEN.

Get to know the first system to make your indoor air quality actionable.

Just like how table corners and stairs can be dangerous for our children to be around, our indoor air quality is often far more hazardous than we think.

To be precise, it can be up to 5x worse than outdoor air quality (WT?!). Because we tend to spend more than 90% of our time indoors, current and soon-to-be parents need to make sure they treat their air with the same care as a dangerous household appliance.



(18%) of all annual preterm births have been linked to particulate matter exposure



of children are affected by asthma which puts them at greater risk for COPD

The majority of homes suffer from poor filtration and ventilation, which is needed to improve air quality.

Your home should be a safe haven that supports the health of every member of the family, big and small.

HAVEN transforms your existing central air system into a whole-home smart filtration system. It's always looking for new ways to improve your home air quality to protect your loved ones' breaths.

Families are already enjoying a healthier home.

The app has a great interface

It is sleek and simple to use and easy to understand. I love that it shows you the frequency of the monitoring, i.e. the last reading — that's important for me because I know the monitor is functioning and that I am getting real-time data.

Dave, Vancouver, BC

Overall, the experience was great.

The installer was very knowledgeable about the product and also HVAC in general. He was able to address all my questions and even pointed out some serious issues with our furnace. He was also able to point out some other issues with our venting and filter sizes which I believe will help our family breath better.

David, Vancouver, BC

I love the data

I love that you can click on the dashboard's main user-points to get more granular analytics and simple explanations of what the data could mean and how to address any problems.

Morgan, Vancouver, BC


Detect. Act. Protect. Repeat.

The HAVEN Air Monitor & Controller live inside your central air system, moving and measuring the air throughout your entire home.

HAVEN is your ongoing indoor air assessment.

When indoor and outdoor air quality is changing every hour, annual checkups are not enough. With HAVEN, your air is being assessed 24/7/365 for airborne pollutants.

The right filter at the right time.

Choosing the wrong filter can result in inadequate air filtration, or even damage to your central air system. Through HAVEN Healthy Home, we analyze your home's filter needs, accurately track filter lifetime and send you a new filter in the mail before the old one needs replacement.